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This pack contains the Ritual Studios Marshall Silver Jubilee KPA Profiles, the Silver Jubilee 2x12 cab IRs and the Zilla 2x12 cab IRs

Also contains three JCM 2000 profiles

Silver Jubilee Ritual Studios Profile Pack

  • A Kemper Profiling amp with firmware 7.0 is required to use this profile

  • All Direct Profiles

    3 Clean, 3 Crunch, 5 High Gain and 2 Lead + 3 JCM2000 High Gain

    Cab IR's

    Zilla 2x12 cab - 6 Fredman Technique IRs, 4 SM57 IRs

    Silver Jubilee 2x12 cab - 1 509 IR, 1 Fredman Technique IR, 1 m201 IR, 1 Special Multi Mic IR, 3 SM57 IRs, 3 SM57 Blended IRs

    (these range from dark to balanced to brighter tones)

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