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This pack contains the Ritual Studios PRS MT15 KPA Profiles, the EVH 2x12 cab IRs and the Zilla 2x12 cab IRs

PRS MT15 Profile Pack

  • A Kemper Profiling amp with firmware 7.0 is required to use this profile

  • All Direct Profiles

    2 Clean, 4 Crunch, 7 High Gain and 2 Lead

    Cab IR's

    Zilla 2x12 cab - 6 Fredman Technique IRs, 4 SM57 IRs

    EVH 2x12 cab - 1 509 IR, 2 Fredman Technique IR's, 4 SM57 IR's, 2 SM57 blended IR's

    (these range from dark to balanced to brighter tones)

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